Whew Chilleee….

In the words of my influencer, Sarah Jakes Roberts, “Whew chillleee….It has been a SUPER busy 2 months and I have missed my baby (missionpossiblemommy) SO much…but most importantly, I’ve missed you ladies as well.When I launched my blog, I was a VERY pregnant mama dealing with the hot Georgia weather and staying at home with two boys. Now, here I am, being a SAHM to now 3 babies…and some days I’ve felt like I couldn’t catch a grip on my life!!! (hence my 2 month vacation from Mission Possible Mommy). As I sit here and write this, I reflect on that first night back home after having our babygirl up until now…and I can’t believe how fast time can go by. It felt like it was just yesterday I came home recovering from my first c-section, all while EBF a newborn, taking care of two boys (with the help from my wonderful husband and mom), AND stressing myself out trying to get back to my other baby (my blog). I seriously had to get myself together and tell myself that IT’S.OH.KAY.SIS! Take this moment. Embrace watching your small little family grow. Welcome new vibes and mood all year 2019. Manifest. Meditate. Take a moment. And that’s exactly what I ended up doing, and I think it may be exactly what I needed.



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