Passionately Involved

So I really want you all to be able to get to know me on another level, so I want to be able to share with you my passions; what gets me excited & keeps me going every day in this mommy life! Kind of share with you the outline of what Mission Possible Mommy is all about.

My Faith. Not even a year ago from this post, my husband and I endured several financial obstacles, where we were forced to learn about having faith. I mean yeah, we always heard “you just gotta have faith…“, but then we had to experience situations where that’s literally all we had. Just faith. I want to be able to share how we overcame our battles by becoming faith-driven and speaking things into existence.

Motherhood. Motherhood has also been my saving grace. If it weren’t for my beautiful children, I don’t know where I would be right now. My kids are where I get a lot of my drive from. I mean sure it came with stinky diapers, getting vomited on, putting some of my goals on hold, and even some restless nights but it’s all worth it. Who would have ever thought that these little things we call children, would have such a huge impact on your life??

After going through our financial hurdles, I learned something great & beneficial. Budgeting and frugal living. I get it, no one REALLY loves to budget, but you have to admit, it is SO exciting. The rush I get when learning how much money I saved us is almost equivalent to the rush I get when I get the notification from Amazon that my package is out for delivery! Now I’m no crazed frugal mama, BUT I do have some really amazing tips and tricks on how to save some money with some purchases. I only made some slight changes to our lifestyle, but they’ve made such a great impact. I traded the malls for thrift stores, traded some large department stores for local garage sales, and tossed in some couponing. Mind you, we’re a family of 4 (currently with me being pregnant and only one income in our household).

Ultimately, at the end of the day, I just want to share my testimony and help you mommies through the good and tough times. I want to be there through it all. I feel like we’re all in this together, and if I can help make it easier for the next mama who’s going through her mission…than that’s more than enough for me!