About Me


My name is Kattiah and I am a mama bear of three (currently pregnant with baby #3 as I write this…). I have two sweet boys, and we are now gaining a beautiful baby girl. I am also married to my high school sweetheart (feeling super blessed as I write this because he is simply amazing)! As you can imagine, I am ONE BUSY MAMA (like many of us are), but my party of 4 make it all so worth it.

I am so excited that a mommy like you have come across my blog because I am here to help. I am here to help you through the not-so-great days that mommy life sometimes offers us. You know, like when both of your toddlers are under the weather oozing the house with their little germs, meanwhile you’re trying to stay healthy to keep caring for them (even though, we know that those little germs eventually catch up to you). Or those times when you need the scoop on amazing deals on necessities needed for the household when money is a little tight (especially if you’re a stay at home mommy like I am, and have limited income). And I’m even here for those times when you just need a shoulder and some inspiration. Those times in life when it gets tough, and you want to give up or you forgot what having faith feels like.

I am here for you through all of that, because I.have.been.there!

As a full-time mommy, I have had my share of struggles…and I will be the first to say that it was not (and still is not) always easy. I am still learning and growing in faith every single day.

So, I figured that there have to be more women who have been or is now, going through some of the same obstacles. If there’s a whole sisterhood movement of us moms, how inspirational would it be to have a platform where we can all relate to one another, learn from one another, and motivate one another?!

That’s when God planted my seed, Mission Possible Mommy. Faith and my little family was all I had when I was trying to figure this thing called life out. Faith and my crew of 4 are still all I have now, but NOW I’ve grown to realize how magical and powerful that is and I want to share it with all you mommies!

I am here to talk about those trying moments when you feel like giving up, but you won’t because you have little ones looking up to you. I am here to tell you that whatever trouble you may face (or currently facing) as a mother, that it will not last forever. I promise. Just 9 months ago from writing this post, I was in such a dark place where I felt like I was stuck and alone. It took lots of patience, lots of faith, and LOTS of prayer for me to finally see the light at the end of my tunnel. I became a Mission Possible Mommy, because I made it through my life missions, that I once thought were impossible (all while being a mom and wife), and I am so blessed that I made it. It is now your turn to become a Mission Possible Mommy, and chase after any and everything you want and deserve!